how to : let go

how to : let go

Letting go of things isn’t easy. Whether it’s an object, a person or even a being, letting go of them or it, is not easy. Unless you’re a person who can drop all emotions connected to something you once valued, then you understand what I’m saying. Even if we must let go of something that’s only dragging us down, a heavy burden on our shoulders, if the thing we’re holding on to is only damaging us, it is hard road.

I remember when my dog died; a sweet yellow lab with a heart full of gold, not to mention my best and only friend growing up. Even ten years later, I still find myself on the brink of tears just thinking about her because she meant so much to me. In all honesty, dealing with death has never been a strong suit of mine but, then again, it is anyone’s? Even though it wasn’t a choice of mine to let her go, she still left and I had to deal with letting go of her. I had to mentally and emotionally get over the fact that she was gone and she wasn’t coming back to me this time. At five years old, losing your best friend is still not easy, even if it was just a sweet dog.

Letting go of things, of people, who won’t come back is much easier then letting go of people (mostly) who have a chance in returning. Cutting off bad influences in my life has really shaped me into who I am today. The facts are this: I trusted people, I gave them chance after chance, I let people in and they still hurt me. When someone hurts you, whether they betray your trust or just let you down, it feels like the winds being knocked out of you. Like you can’t breathe even though your lungs are full of air, like you’re suffocating but nothing is blocking the oxygen from entering your body. It feels like someone took a sharp icicle and stabbed you in the chest so you aren’t just bleeding but your heart is frozen until it eventually goes numb but even that can’t manage to block out the pain you’ll feel for a long time.

I find that letting go of the worst people is sometimes the most difficult. As humans, it’s natural for us to want to be in an environment where we find ourselves in situations that we can’t predict the outcome of. In places where we don’t always know what’s going on or exactly be safe in, where the adrenaline rushes through our veins and we feel most alive. The people there with us, aren’t always the best type of people though. When we come out of that phase of pure joy and face the reality of our actions, we realize we don’t want to live like this, so we push the people that were there out. Unfortunately, letting go of those people isn’t as easy as one might think. You have to let go of not being able to make more memories with them and being as ecstatic as you were. The memories will fade however into distant thoughts and that’s what helps keep us going.

Then, there are the third type of people you have to let go of: the ones you love but just can’t be around. Everyone has baggage, little things add up to bigger, more chaotic things and then it’s just a personality that has its highs and lows. When someone breaks your trust and hurts you, even if you love them with every fiber in your being, letting go of them is in your best interest because believe me: when they do it once, and you forgive them, they’ll do it all over again. Let them go! I can explain how much better life will be not only for you but also for those who are the people that love and adore you and wont hurt you in the long run. I also cannot stress how much better your life will be without them in it and it will hurt in the beginning but it gets easier with each day. And yes, it will hurt when you look back at it years from now but you won’t regret it. The people you are around today will probably affect who you become in the years to come. Don’t be someone now your future self might regret.

Letting go isn’t easy, whether it’s your choice or not, it leaves a mark on you. But sometimes letting go of people is for the better good. Holding onto things and people that are hurting you don’t deserve the time of day. Let go of them and the pain you feel will follow.



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