the advice : love

the advice : love

Love. Love’s definition is an intense feeling of deep affection. It also strikes fear in many hearts.

Unlike google’s definition, mine is much different. Ever heard of “the click”? Well, that’s what I believe love is. The Click is when you meet a person and either right then and there or over time you get this feeling of pure joy and it’s like a click or a snap. It jolts your sense awake. That raging war between what your heart wants and what your head knows is best suddenly calms like soothing ocean waves and they say to you, “This is going to be something good.” And it will. You know deep down, whether this relationship goes south or turns into smaller, younger versions of yourself and significant in the future, it’s going to be something good. Your eyes light up every time you see their face, your heart pumps a little faster when you’re near them, and everything just seems happier with them. Yeah, you put their feelings above your own and maybe you even have little imaginings of what your future children will look like but it’s so much more than just that. It’s like you’re flying on the outside of atmosphere with them and no one can bring you down.

You also get a sense of fear and a danger alert within that great happiness. It’s a little voice that tells you to hold back, to wait and be patient before you get your hopes and heart broken. Even though you might not listen to that voice, you still think, what if? It carries weight. Don’t listen to that voice.

We all make mistakes, it’s apart of being human. But we also only have one life, so make it worth your while. Whether your relationship with someone that you love or know you are going to love ends badly, just do it. Make it happen, and if you get hurt, I promise you’ll find someone else. Every relationship you’re in, you learn the things you like and the things you don’t like. It prepares you for the next one. When things end, you’ll remember it till the day you die but it’ll be alright. If you seek out the person you want to spend your life with, you’ll find love and happiness.

So love easily, just be careful and make sure you feel the click before getting into a relationship.


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