the little things

The Little Things

Life, to put it simply, is tough and rough. It isn’t always a dance, sometimes the music gets loud and noisy. Throughout our journey, we see things that change us and make us who we are, what we’ll become and what we’ll leave behind. That goes for the choices we make too.  Because it can be tough and rough, there are little things that make us happy: the kids playing in the neighborhood with laughter that travels down the road and fills your ears, the birds singing early in the morning with sweet melody, a stranger smiling at you in passing, eating your favorite food, or the radio playing your song. Its those moments of pure innocence that are important.

Little things aren’t just that, though. Life sucks a lot so when small moments of something maybe not happy but definitely not sad, just somewhere where it lifts your spirits. A light, of sorts, in the darkness that keeps your head up and looking forwards. I think we should all be kind, because we tend to think of ourselves, of our problems and of our inconveniences. If you see a kid on the train staring at their feet, in a not so creepily way, complement them. Offer a friend some gum, smile at strangers, be kind.

Everyone goes through difficult times just like yourself, why make it harder on someone else? Why not offer them some assurance of hope through random acts of small bits of kindness?

Being kind to strangers shouldn’t be your top and only priority. You should also treat yourself; and love yourself too. I’m a strong believer in taking breaks. If you’re like me, you use those breaks to sleep or eat or maybe something else like read, write or draw. Maybe you sing or make music, maybe you just sit and stare at a wall. Possibly, you might go for a run, create something or cook. Whatever it is, do it. Take breaks, short or long. Do something for yourself that makes you undeniably happy and gets you away from all of the harsh things.

Write down something every day that made you smile, heck even right down two or three. Do what makes you happy. That’s  what’s important.


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