review : deep dish pizza & cherry knot strangers

review : deep dish pizza & cherry knot strangers

In the small town I live in, I’ve had the fortunate luck of being able to have tried every restaurant around, especially those that serve an all-american favorite: pizza. Pizza is the core of my household, my lively hood. It is the dish served when there are no other dishes to have or there are too many to chose from. It is the comfort, the casual and the fancy dining. It is what has in great times of misfortune, brightened the spirits of myself and those closest to me.

Not to far away from my home, there is a nice pizza restaurant that by far has the best pizza I’ve had the fortune of tasting. Cooked for thirty minutes, the pizza is deep-dished with cheese practically melting out, then there’s the sauce; tomatoes and more cheese. It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. For my first time however dinging at the great Tortuga’s, the name of the best pizza making restaurant, I also met a stranger. She was young, not older then five and had cherries on her shirt and shorts. She has the brightest blue eyes and dark brown hair; she was adorable. All she did was turn around and wave at me, when I waved back, the sound of her laugh was like honey to a bee to my ears. It was a beautiful sound.

I think a lot about that day, about the amazing pizza and the cherry-shirt-girl. I think about how the little girls laugh made my entire good day a great day. We often become caught up in the momentum of becoming busy workers, taking the smallest amount of time to help and recover for ourselves and well-being. It wasn’t really me taking time for myself, it was more of an awakening moment for myself: I’d realized after smiling at the little girl’s laughter, it was the first time a stranger had waved at me, it was the first time anyone had laughed genuinely too, as happy as one could be, in a long time. The sound of her giggle was foreign to me for a moment but gladly welcomed with open arms. Like lightning, I was stuck upon that realization for a few moments, taken aback by it.

So, my lesson learned was that I couldn’t bury myself with work, with school and with all of my responsibilities if I wanted to be happy at the same time. I needed to take time to try new places with amazing food and laugh genuinely in order to be genuinely happy. The cherry knot stranger taught me to smile more at strangers, because you never know when someone might need a good smile from you.


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